Indie meets French.

Babe (who doesn’t does have a soundcloud) is very underground got picked up Californian producer, Vestige. This remix though, reminds me of the Justice days where it was steady with knee shaking beats. God, I miss those days and this forced me to post. 

Kind of perfect for late night sunset drive with your girl, don’t you think?

New layout, new music - good combo, right?

It was a couple weeks ago when my friend and I were driving down Lake Shore Drive path and I happened to be in the passenger seat. Friend tells me “C’mon DJ, you always have the good shit to play.”. All while a few others in the back are anxiously waiting for the song to buffer on my Soundcloud app. No reason to ride down the chaotic highway, we took it anyways to ‘Darius - Hot Hands' on a perfect Chicago evening.

Darius, a fairly underground french disco house DJ has been gaining a lot of recognition lately - Hot Hands to be specific. His most recent EP called Romance defined most of the summer. An eclectic sound of the french house roots which we all can get sucked into and never get away from - so addicting. The vocals are by the sweet Darianna Everett and brings a lot of sexual feeling. Lush enough to change the floors mood. It’s absolutely gorgeous. 

Bondax - All I See (Darius Remix) [LC Recommends]

Sydney based DJ Alison Wonderland (truly Alex Scholler) has been under my radar lately and recently released her single ‘I Want U’. More specifically releasing the rework by GANZ who did a flip of her original. Being a Flume fan with the heavy thrashing trap-like beats, GANZs got my attention with this one - literally compared the two at first. Stuck on repeat, I can’t stop playing this! Well done Alison & GANZ’s.

Oh yeah, a tid-bit about the vocals…thats Alex singing. A girl who can DJ, produce her own material, and lay her own voice over it - YES.

Alison Wonderland - I Want U (Official Music Video)

The Matthew Dear Rooftop Affair

This Saturday. June 21st. The Matthew Dear Rooftop Affair.

The God of Ghostly Recordings, MATTHEW DEAR  brings the beats beyond the club, stepping out into the sunset for this super rare twilight performance, all set against a backdrop of the beguiling city skyline. 

I’m excited to be attending this event and I’m sure it’ll be a night to remember. Rightfully a proper way to bring in the Chicago summer we’ve all been waiting for. Expect me to be dancing the night away.

Tickets are currently SOLD OUT but a few may come out of nowhere this week. Keep a look out on the facebook event page, they frequently update their event page: here