Lone - "2 Is 8"

I’m so goddamn happy this came up on feed this morning. Lone, well known for his futuristic euphoric house sound has grown into this. ‘2 Is 8' is fundamentally accepted as “feel good music” we all can appreciate. Taken from the forthcoming album 'Reality Testing' available 16.06.14 on R&S Records, this is just a preview of what Lone has to offer on the table. My two cents, this album will be great when it comes out. 

Lone - Begin To Begin [LC recommends]

Tycho - "Montana"

TYCHO | Montana

On a day like this with the sunset dipping beneath the Chicago skyline, Montana really set the tone on my ride home this evening. Tycho (now a three-piece band) has grown into this explosion of beautiful organic sounds we all can appreciate. I’ve only see them once (@ Lincoln Hall in Chicago) and they were powerful. Quite the mesmerizing, I’d say. Listen to the music and close your eyes and it’s exactly how it is LIVE. It’s a nice change of pace of what I’ve been usually listening too (lots of house and electronic music) and it’s refreshing. This really hit the spot and I hope it does the same for you. 

Tycho - Awake [LC Recommends]

Flight Facilities - "Stand Still (Wave Racer Remix)"

FLIGHT FACILITIES | Stand Still (Wave Racer Remix)

There’s one brilliant thing that Wave Racer did and he did it in the best way possible. He stripped the vocals and took the catchiest part of the song making it into his own. I knew the Aussie’s always a reputation for that fun disco sound and as I mentioned before with his previous remixes, I even noted him as a “more polished Rustie” with all of his electrifying jabs and lots of vocoders. I can tell you this, once you listen, don’t be fooled. I guarantee you will hit that repeat or play button over again and start whistling whenever you listen to this now. 

Py - "Swimming Slow (Sweater Beats Remix)"

London pop artist Jade ‘Py.’ Pybus has been making quite a namer for herself lately in the UK. Her soulful vocals meets NYC-based producer/beat maker Sweater Beats in this ‘Swimming Slow’ remix. Slow churning base and hip hop beats is a perfect combination. Gotta love her though since this is how she described her music

“Imagine The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, but made by a white girl.” - Py.