There’s something about this song that just captivates you deep in a mild trance. The thriving looping sound, calms in the interlude, and out of nowhere comes back with an explosion of orchestral sound into your ears so fast like a rush of blood to your head. Total Loss is Tom Krell’s (aka How To Dress Well) second full length and it comes with a much mature sound. I met the man himself at DJ set at The Whistler here in Chicago, not even knowing he’s pretty much a town native studying for his doctoral in Philosophy at Depaul University. He’s brings so much to us with his dual lifestyle from his views and his music expressing a variety of the R&B, hip hop inspired, to even the noisy experimental dreamlike sounds. I appreciate him more now with this new release that is inspired by the life events and people revolving around him

He says he has “a propensity towards sadness that is quite intense”, but something in his music showed hope. “I wrote this song called Ocean Floor For Everything, which didn’t fit with the rest of the album,” he explains. “It was still sad, but in a different way. It wasn’t about being totally debilitated by loss, it was about going through loss and creating an energy from it.” (via Guardian UK)

The album is out today.

How To Dress Well - Struggle [LC Recommends]

HOW TO DRESS WELL | Ocean Floor For Everything

Just got back from a few drinks with some colleagues and I told myself I would post something tonight. I even tweeted it this morning and even at @HowToDressWell that I would post about this new release.

The first time I heard How To Dress Well was from a mixtape, a friends mixtape actually - the track “Endless Rain”. I loved how it was calming it was and how he incorporated the melodic vocals with the R&B/Hip Hop sound. Though this song isn’t quit the popular track from his Love Remains album - like “Ready For The World” where it samples “INOJ - Love You Down”. Seriously…

"This is like another chapter to his ‘Love Remains’ album and Total Loss is just it."

I saw him do a DJ set at The Whistler in Chicago and he’s truly a nice guy (very fucking tall). I’m a tall asian guy but damn, he was so tall. He did a lot of rap and hip-hop as the night went on and he got the whole crowd going. If you guys are just hearing about How To Dress Well now, get your ears open and listen to this with you eyes closed.