MADEON | The City (Sulfur On Pluto Extended Mix)

Madeon is a wonder kid, no joke. He’s been showing off his amazing producing skills and been catching the world, hooking them into his fun disco pop electro beats. If you haven’t heard about him yet, he’s now 17 or 18(?) and is highly respected by many big electronic DJ’s and producers all over the world. Deadmau5 said for himself that Madeon has a bright future ahead of him and was impressed. Coming from a profound world class DJ, it had to be a high moral booster and street cred that young. 

This track, The City has been on my radar for some quite time and it’s been all over his intro’s at LIVE sets. The intro and break into the beat is just perfect for an intro, really gets you going to anticipate something to drop, and when it does, just get crazy. Zak Waters is a perfect combo with this track and it really get’s you moving. Hell, I had it on repeat.

Really, just watch for yourself (via fan vid)