Alex Trebeck has a Seizure

Busy with life, be back soon (like tomorrow).

DISCUSSION: Is it me or is music releases are kind of not interesting lately?

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  1. taviabryant answered: itz u„, BECAUSE itz intereting to me (some of id)
  2. psyhcoizaya answered: well in my opinnion music is not owned people are free to do the music they want,but if people don’t like it there will be others who do.
  3. awesomenesswin answered: nope
  4. baixakije answered: não falo em ingles…”I do not speak in English”
  5. ze-trovao answered:
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  7. 11219533 answered: you
  8. rockforevergnr answered: Me segue??
  9. theravenrant answered: nothing good anymore
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