LAPALUX | Gutter Glitter

Lapalux - the solo project of Essex’s Stuart Howard. 

His IDM and hip-hop influenced beat collages unfold like individual short stories, their layered tones playing into your emotions. The thud of bass pulses throughout his tracks, a steady stream of heartbeats that rise in and fall reaction to the excitement, the trepidation and the moments of calm reflection set by the marriage of vocal samples and experimental beatmaking. Listened to in succession, Howard’s material is a collection of individual moods, bound into a volume so well.

I’ve grown into Lapalux a lot more ever since my friend Daylen showed me his remix of “Gwen Stefani - Luxurious (Lapalux Bootleg Remix)

I remember when this was released and it just kind of fucking “blew my mind." Reasons being, Lapalux totally revamped this song into this synth goodness and when the drop comes in, it just caught me by surprised as it was sending air waves through my computer speakers last summer.

"This track though, I swear to god, this release is going to be big SEX."

Slow, rhythmic, and with such emotion…that’s why I said this release is going to be big SEX. Released off of Flying Lotus' label BRAINFEEDER, Lapalux is going to come out with this single strong and it’s going to make him be knowing widely fucking fast. Seriously, it’s already on Pitchfork and this soundcloud track already has a billion comments. 

Lapalux - fuck yeah dude, good work. This is BIG.

Give this a gander and listen.

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