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Top Girls - a mysterious producer (who doesn’t have any type of bio) making real good ambient, shoegaze, dreampop, chillwave kind of vibes. Can someone validate for me? I seriously cannot find any info about this producer for the life of me. Whoever it is and if you’re reading, I really like your material. I had to dig up some info about this producer and and if I had to describe it, it’s like How To Dress Well meets Toro y Moi with a dab of BLCKBRDBLCKBRD & some other artist I can’t think of. To correct, put How to Dress Well, Toro y Moi, and BLCKBRDBLCKBRD all in a room together and this happens.

It’s been awhile since something exciting and new rolled around in my inbox or in my finding’s across the music hub and finally this appeared. Yeah, I’ve been slacking, I’m not going to lie. Work is taking it’s haul on me and basically when I come home, I just want to relax and do absolutely nothing. I try to find new things but sometimes I run into this music wall where nothing is that good. This though, this stood out among the rest of the things I’ve been hearing/listening about. I feel bad not writing much about this artist because I can’t find any info other than that he (assuming by the vocals) has a bandcamp, facebook, myspace, and a that has a bio saying “mellow souled water world”

I’m going to say it now, this guy might be slowly making his eletronic, ambient, shoegaze, dreampop, chillwave’ish debut sometime soon at some event like SXSW. 

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Top Girls - Spells [LC recommends]

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