DISCUSSION: Is turntable.fm relevant anymore?

Open to discuss - 

Yes, all of us ‘music people’ knew about the fad that lasted a season that got people joining random rooms trying to get this infamous Deadmau5 avatar (doesn’t exist anymore), the big gorilla, or the Daft Punk (which was so rare to see) or whatever. What got this service going was that it allowed the normal commoner to jump on a turntable to ‘DJ’ and they could play whatever they want to the crowd spinning or listening. Yup, free as a bee, play whatever the fuck you want. Of course, if it sucked, they LAME’D it and vice versa, if it was good, they AWESOME’D it.

I remember those days when I would stay up late at night chatting with random other music people like me talking about tracks, etc and well that fad ended for me pretty fast. Nonetheless, the other day I went into turntable.fm to find some really good tracks that I haven’t heard or stumbled upon (ever).

Let’s hear it. My open question to you is… 

Is turntable.fm relevant anymore?

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